The Top 10 Questions You Should Ask Your PPC Agency

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1) How much are they spending to generate new business?

Is your PPC agency glad to take your money and spend it without a visible return on your investment? ROI is the number one thing you should look for when working with a PPC agency. If they can’t show you how much money you are making in your business after you spend on advertising then it may be time to find another agency.


2) Do they build landing pages for your campaign?

Landing pages are the key to success in any PPC campaign. They help you convert more of your website traffic into valuable leads for your business. If your agency isn’t creating landing pages for your campaigns and they’re just driving traffic to the home page or a regular page on your website then conversion rates will plummet.


3) Do they use call tracking/track metrics?

This applies to more than just phone calls, but every part of your marketing funnel. Are they tracking everything that is going on in your campaign. You should be able to know how many leads/phone calls you are getting and at what price every month.


4) Do they create a funnel, or just drive traffic?

There are plenty of PPC agencies that will simply “manage” your traffic. In the world of Digital Marketing, this pretty much means that they are going to just set up a campaign and let it run while it spends your money. Most likely they aren’t going to optimize anything to get better results, and they are definitely not going to work with you to create an actual marketing funnel that consistently delivers leads to your business.


5) Are they connected with your goals?

Are they invested in your business? When you signed on with them did they ask you anything about what your personal or business goals are? They should be invested in where you want to go in your business, and committed to delivering results that matter for you and your business.


6) Are they a one man band?

There is nothing wrong with a one man band but a one man band is juggling a lot of balls. Your account should be managed by a dedicated account manager whose responsibility is to ensure the success of your campaigns. Not only that, but two heads are better than one and three heads are better than two. Shared experience equals rapid learning growth. Account managers sharing what’s working across multiple campaigns is only good for you. Shared experience equals rapid growth and rapid learning. Are you turning the reins to a lone ranger?


7) Is the reporting 100% transparent?

Do you know exactly what is happening in your account on a monthly basis? Sometimes agencies won’t report on everything going on in your account, and will only make small changes throughout the month. Make sure that you are seeing everything that is going on over the course of a month.


8) Do they have success stories and proof of success?

The greatest qualifier for an agency is not a fancy certification, but the results that they have produced. This is the best way to see if you are going to get the results that you are hoping to get from the agency.


9) Is your account run by software?

This applies more to AdWords than it does to Facebook Ads, but there are some agencies that charge very low prices because their accounts are run by software. In the process they are automating a majority of the account management. Make sure that you have a live account manager or project manager working on your account every single month and that you have access to that account manager on the phone, through email, Skype, and any other method of communication that you like.


10) Do you click with them?

You’re going to have to work closely with your agency to get the best results so how you get along with them is important. Is it a good personality match? Just like any relationship, sometimes it clicks, sometimes it doesn’t. Get on the phone, jump on Skype, spend some time with them before making a decision. Are you feeling good about it?

Chris Down is the Managing Member of Growth Spark Digital and an expert in the world of medical marketing.

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