Incorporate These Elements Into Your Landing Pages To Skyrocket Conversions

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Conversion rates got you down?

No pun intended there, I swear.

Lame jokes aside, having a landing page that converts well is no joke for your business. The higher your conversions, the more leads you will generate, and the more leads you generate the more revenue you will bring in for your business.

I wanted to put together a blog post with some quick, and actionable elements that you can incorporate into your landing page right away and see a lift in conversions.

I’m not going to be talking about the frilly things like button colors, but truly foundational things that are unfortunately sometimes overlooked.

Your Offer

Not only is this important to your marketing as a whole, but it is also important to landing pages as well.

You need to ensure that what you are offering to the people who are visiting your landing page is something that they actually want, and that it solves a specific problem that they are facing at that moment in time.

Also, you need to make sure that what you are offering in your advertisements is actually congruent with what you are offering on your landing page. If you are offering a discounted service in an advertisement, but you are driving them straight to the home page of your website then people won’t opt in.

If your advertising and landing pages are currently not even offering something of value to a potential customer, then this is the first place you should start.


If you were on a sales call trying to pitch 10 different services to a customer at once, do you think any of those messages would make it through?

Chances are that the person on the other end of the phone would be pretty confused.

Don’t do this to your landing page visitors.

Each landing page should ideally have a single focus, a single offer, and a single next step that the visitor should take.

Go even a step further and remove other unnecessary items like the navigation menu and links to all other places on your site. The visitor should have two options: opt in to the offer, or hit the back button on their browser.

An important note: Pretty much every PPC advertising channel requires that website landing pages have a link to a terms of service page, privacy policy page, and a link to the home page of your website. You can keep those links in the footer of your landing page.


Make sure that your headline is clear and concise. When someone arrives on your landing page you have a few seconds to really address the pain point that the visitor has.

Don’t talk about yourself, talk about them and what they may be feeling at that moment.

Imagine someone just had a pipe burst in their house, and they need a plumber now. As a matter of fact they need that plumber yesterday.

If they don’t have a go to plumber, chances are they’re going to Google it.

If they land on a page that has a headline and body copy on the page that talks about the business, how great they are, how many awards they have, and how many customers they serve, do you think the visitor is going to stay long?

On the other hand, let’s say that same visitor arrives on another landing page and the headline reads something along the lines of: “Leaking Pipes Causing Damage To Your Home?”.

That plumber has the answer they need in that moment. That plumber won because they knew the issue that someone was having, and they took advantage of the situation by offering a solution to a problem within the timeframe that our smaller-than-fish-brain attention span has when processing things.


This expands a bit on the point above, but good copywriting on a page can take it to the next level.

I’m not going to delve completely into how to create a copywriting masterpiece, but there are some fundamental things you should think about when writing copy for your landing pages.

Ultimately what you need to do is identify the problem someone has, where they are now, and how what you are offering them will take them from where they are to where they want to be.

Don’t make the copywriting about you and your business. That’s the last thing that someone wants to know about.

People click through ads and search results because they have a problem, and the content on your website needs to solve that problem for that visitor.

The more effectively you can demonstrate to someone how you can take them from where they are to where they want to be, the more likely they will be to convert.

Social Proof

Social proof can take many forms, but ultimately social proof consists of anything that visitors see on a page that shows them that other people endorse the product or service they are looking at.

Social proof builds trust, and those who trust you more will be more likely to convert.

Try putting things like customer testimonials on your landing pages. These can be in the form of text, videos, and images.

Another thing you can try is to put the logos of brands you have worked with or publications you or your business have been featured in.

Any form of endorsement that you put on your landing page is a plus, and will most definitely help you increase your conversion rates.


If you have the resources, having a video on your landing page is another great way to increase engagement with the people visiting your page.

People would much rather consume video now. If you are able to put all of the information about your offer and business in a video on your landing page, chances are that people would much rather watch the video than read through text.

Depending upon who your target audience is will determine the quality of video you should need. If you are an eCommerce store selling to consumers you most likely won’t need a blockbuster production, but if you are a business selling a $50,000 service to other businesses you aren’t going to want to have a video shot with an iPhone on your website.

Make a Strong Call To Action

This one seems like one of the most basic, but unfortunately some people still don’t do this enough.

Along with having a solid focused offer on your landing page, you need to call your visitor to action. You need to tell them what they need to do next to take advantage of the solution you are offering them.

This can be as simple as a “Click Below To Claim This Limited Time Offer”.

Don’t just assume that your visitor knows what to do when they get to your landing page. You need to guide them through the process and make sure that they know what they have to do to take the next step in solving the problem they have.

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