How To Easily Add $25K In Revenue Per Month To Your Gym Or Fitness Studio Starting Immediately With No Additional Work

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Are you a gym or fitness studio owner looking for a reliable, predictable, and sustainable way to generate new members every month?

Are you tired of wasting time on “hope” marketing and referrals that aren’t consistent, and leave you frustrated wondering where all of your marketing dollars went or when your next member is going to come through the door?

Are you spending countless hours in your business, and just not seeing the return you want? Do you want more freedom to work on your business, and not be working in it constantly?

Have you tried some of the new digital marketing channels for yourself only to find yourself more frustrated than before?

If you answered yes to any of these questions… let me ask you one more.

If I guaranteed we could help you generate 20, 30, 40 new members for your gym or fitness studio this month, would you be interested?

That’s exactly what we can do for you, and over the next few minutes I will show you exactly how we help out gym and fitness studio owners just like you get results like these.

I’m going to let you in on our proven, proprietary process that we use with gyms, studios, and fitness facilities all across the nation to help them generate new membership consistently and predictably without any headache.

First, I want to take a second and introduce myself before we get into the details.

Chris DownOwner, Growth Spark Digital

My name is Chris Down, the owner of Growth Spark Digital.

I’m a fat kid turned entrepreneur who brings his love of fitness and the countless hours spent learning about business, sales, and marketing to the fitness industry to help small business owners just like you make changes in their business to bring them the freedom and enjoyment that they want from being a business owner.

With over 10 years of combined experience we specialize in helping gyms and fitness studios implement and master the processes they need to have in place to help them generate new membership reliably, predictably, and sustainably.

I’m sure you get contacted all the time by people in the marketplace who make lofty claims, and boast about the number of leads that they generated for a business.

I’m sure that right now you’re probably reading this and thinking the exact same thing.

Here’s another person trying to make some big claim that they can deliver the world, but in the end deliver nothing.

I totally get that, because unfortunately there are a ton of people in the marketplace today who do that regularly just to make some money.

Here’s the thing though…

I’m not here to sell you anything.

I don’t want to sell you.

I just want to see if what we offer would be a good fit for you and would actually help your business.

If anything, I hope that by the end of reading this piece of content you will be able to gain a bit more insight for your business and can make some changes that will help you get some awesome results!

It’s my mission to truly bring transformational value to the businesses of thousands of entrepreneurs in the fitness space, and I hope that even in this short time I can provide you with some value and some added information that you can apply to your business.

Like I said before, I’m not here to sell you, nor do I want you to hire me. In fact you can’t just hire me. I’m not a consultant or another “Marketing Guy” looking for clients any more than you’re just another personal trainer looking to get hired at a studio.

I’m a business owner just like yourself, and my hope is to bring as much value to your business and form a mutually beneficial partnership where everybody wins.

All of that being said, is what we offer for everyone?

The answer to that is no unfortunately. As much as I would love to help everyone, there are just some businesses who are not a good fit for what we do.

We are a good fit if:

  • You are an action taker who believes that what you offer can dominate your market and are willing to invest in yourself to take your business to the next level.
  • You are truly someone who values helping others and bringing them results.
  • Your business offers high ticket programs for your customers (at least $100/month and up).
  • You have a proven sales process that turns inbound leads into customers, or are at least open to modifying your existing process to improve results.
  • Have the people and processes in place to unleash the untapped potential of the excess capacity within your own business.

We are not a good fit if:

  • You are not open to new ideas, strategies, and systems that we see working in many different markets every day.
  • You’re just getting started or are an individual personal trainer.
  • You don’t have the budget to invest in your marketing and business, and can’t afford at least $15/day on advertising.
  • You don’t have the capacity or space to rapidly scale your membership base.
  • You are not looking to grow your business by at least $100,000 to $1,000,000.

If you are a good fit, and you believe that you and your business matches those criteria, then you’re in the right place!

Keep reading, because I’m sure you’ll get some great value out of this piece of content.

So, what’s the big secret?

What’s the secret sauce?

It’s actually pretty simple, and it all boils down to this.

Basic Math + Proven Methodology = Life Changing Transformation In Your Business And Personal Life

It’s really that simple, and one thing we have learned after working with many different clients and studying the market…

Is that if you don’t have a predictable way to generate new leads and new members every single day, then you don’t have a scalable fitness facility.

This is the one thing that separates the fitness facilities that are thriving from those that are struggling.

The strugglers don’t know their numbers, don’t have predictable systems, and are relying on hope to bring more people through the door to generate new members.

The thrivers on the other hand know two key metrics down to a science in their business

  • The cost to generate a new lead
  • The cost to generate a new member

… and they have the systems and the processes in place to routinely close new memberships that stay onboard for the long term.

It’s like a dial that they can turn up or turn down based on how much growth they want to see in their business on a monthly basis.

Even if the thrivers lose membership, they know exactly what they need to do to get new members through the door. Can you say that about your business?

Many times, when trying to grow their businesses, facility owners seek to grow profits by adding additional locations, but end up replicating an inefficient system in a new location.

This will increase profits, but with a lot of effort and headache.

By addressing the spare capacity issue within your existing facility, you can 5X your profits from that one location.

Once you have that facility fully “dialed in” at 100% capacity, then you can expand an incredibly efficient model to another location and dominate that market as well.

Think about that for a moment… we’re talking serious money here.

This is what makes the big box franchise gyms successful. They have tested these systems and processes and have everything down to a science.

… but I don’t want to help the big box gyms.

There’s no real impact in that.

I want to help the independent business and franchise owner build the business of their dreams so they can have the lifestyle of freedom that they truly want from their business.

But you need a plan.

The plan’s based on the concepts above and 5 critical components that you need to have in place in your business in order to thrive.

But before I give you the battle tested, proven methodology that really can’t fail, let me ask you this…

Are you sure it’s possible to add another $25K per month to your business in the next year?

The foundation of a great plan is a belief in the possibility of greater things. Does the potential exist in your business to experience massive results?

Are you good enough, is your product good enough, are your people good enough, are you committed enough?

If the answer is YES and it know it is or you wouldn’t still be reading, then my next question is why hasn’t it happened yet?

Too busy to focus on growth? Too risky or are you just not sure how or where to start?

Those are the typical answers I get to that question but none of those reasons are really problems. I assure you, you’re a lot closer than you might think!

So… with all of that being said, let me reveal to you now the 5 things that you need to have in place in your gym or fitness studio to grow consistently.

Again, these are surprisingly simple, but extremely effective… sensing a theme here?

It really is a lot easier than everyone makes it out to be!

Here they are:

  1. Strategy and plan
  2. A measurable way to generate qualified leads
  3. A measurable system to follow up with, sell, and onboard those leads into new members.
  4. Service delivery.
  5. Getting reviews and referrals from those existing members.

These 5 steps create massive momentum and continue to pack your gym or fitness studio with new members on a regular basis.


Strategy and Plan

None of this comes together without a solid strategy to bring in new leads, get them through the door, and then close them on membership and keep them engaged for the long term!

It all starts with a compelling offer and the sequence of steps that happens after someone takes interest in that offer. No need to create gimmicky challenges that people buy into only to quit after the first week, and then come back and demand a refund.

Not saying that doesn’t work, because it can, but it’s not necessary.

I always say that a good strategy can still work with bad advertising, but a poor strategy and great advertising will never work.


Qualified Lead Generation

The next step you will always need is qualified and measurable lead generation that consistently and predictably generates you leads for your gym or fitness studio.

This can be applied to almost any advertising channel you can think of as long as your strategy, offer, and messaging are right it will work every time.

Nail your messaging, target your ideal customer, and put an offer in front of them that they really want and you’ll have leads coming in in no time!

We help a majority of our customers with these first two steps with our done for you and consultative services that help them fill up their pipeline with qualified prospects who are actively looking to get in shape or find a new fitness facility or program.


Follow Up, Sales, and Onboarding

Along with coming up with an awesome strategy, your sales and onboarding process is one of the most important parts of the process.

You can have all of the leads in the world, but if they aren’t followed up with, sold, and onboarded properly then you won’t be able to convert any of them into new members.

This is the biggest thing that I see people in my industry messing up.

They target gyms and fitness studios, and offer solely lead generation. Once they begin the process of generating leads for people a ton of leads come in, but no results happen. They fail to realize that the problem is not in the lead generation, but in the sales process.


Service Delivery

This is the part that is totally in your hands.

You’re the professional in the fitness industry, and you know that you can get people amazing results with your fitness programs.

Deliver an amazing experience for people, get them results, and truly help make a difference in their lives and the rest will take care of itself.

Along with onboarding and selling people properly, delivering an awesome and welcoming experience is crucial (as I’m sure you know) in getting people to stay onboard for the long haul.


Reviews and Referrals

Simple, yet sometimes overlooked, creating a system for getting reviews for your business along with referrals is critical to maximize the value of an existing member and double the results that you’re seeing from your other efforts.

This can be done for absolutely no advertising spend, and you could even go and implement this into your business today and see results.


If you get these 5 areas of your business nailed down, then there is no doubt that you could easily add another 10, 20, 30 thousand dollars, if not more to your business on a monthly basis.

Implementing these steps into your business will ensure that you turn into one of the thrivers in the world of fitness.

You’ll have…

A reliable, predictable, and sustainable way to grow your business on demand, with more leads and members willing to pay you high rates for your services.

No more guesswork in growing your business. No more frustration and hope marketing. Proven processes and systems to make growing your business easy.

Finally have the time and freedom to work on your business and not in it, and get back to doing the things you love.

Full knowledge of your numbers and a complete understanding of the return on your marketing and advertising investment.

So you’re probably thinking, that’s amazing but where would I even start with this?

Let me ask you this…

If You Could Implement This Into Your Gym Or Fitness Studio With ZERO Work, ZERO Risk And With Battle Tested Campaigns That Are Proven To Attract Only The Best Prospects And Have Taken Thousands Of Dollars to “Fine Tune” To Perfection… Would You Be Interested?

Good, because that’s exactly what I’d like to offer you. I said at the beginning you can’t hire me and that’s true…To hire me means you pay me a fee and I work for you.

That’s not happening!

There’s no fee (apart from a modest, 100% guaranteed retainer to show me you’re serious) and I consider my clients as partners, NOT employers.

I’m looking for mutually beneficial relationships not a job.

If you know you have spare capacity in your facility then I know we have the tools to realize it with a turn key solution that carries no risk and requires no work from you.

ONLY if you see measurable returns based exclusively from our Unique, Proprietary Methodology, (which you can’t get anywhere else by the way) do I receive a percentage of those increased profits as compensation for our efforts.

That’s a 100% RISK FREE deal for you.

If We Win, We Win Together, If We Lose, I Lose Alone

Sounds too good to be true?

For most it is, reality is I turn down most applications but I’m always looking for that one “Great Facility” to get involved with.

If what you’ve seen here makes sense and you like the idea of a 100% risk free relationship where we do all the work, take all the risk and get a junior share of the profits and if you own a gym or fitness studio on the verge of big things, send an email to  and we’ll get a time set up to speak further.

From there we’ll explore if it’s a good fit or not. If it’s not right then I’ll politely let you know it’s not the right time, if it is right, we’ll move forward from there.

All the best with growing your facility,

Chris Down