Gain Control Of Your Practice Growth – Easily Add New Patients Every Month Predictably, Reliably, and Sustainably With A Positive ROI

Are you the owner of a medical practice looking for a reliable, predictable, and sustainable way to generate new patients every month?

Are you tired of wasting time and money on outdated methods to get new patients? Relying heavily on referrals, and just don’t know where your next patient is coming from? Are you just not seeing the ROI that you want to see?

We specialize in ROI driven digital marketing that allows you to generate new customers on demand.

There’s no gimmicks or shiny objects, just tried and true systems using our unique, proprietary methodologies that are guaranteed to generate a return on your marketing investment.

If you want to implement a measurable system in your practice, where you know down to the dollar amount how much it costs you to generate new patients, then click the button below to schedule a time to see if you qualify!

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What Our Customers Are Saying About Us


“Growth Spark Digital brings a unique blend of young entrepreneurial spirit, depth of technical knowledge, and a personal presence that is mature, professional and engaging. There are so many players out there hawking websites, SEO, etc. Growth Spark Digital delivers the whole strategic package, and can get you more traffic quickly! Add some Digital Spark to your online presence!”

– Marc Mackin


“When working with Growth Spark Digital on our website development and digital marketing, their knowledge in media and technology was immediately evident. Their understanding of how to use content and online advertising has helped us make the most of our advertising budget to generate more sales and grow our brand. I would recommend Growth Spark Digital to anyone looking to up their digital marketing game.”

– Robert Michael Bodrogi

“Bringing Growth Spark Digital into the fold early was immediately constructive thanks to their ideas and quick execution in planning and developing our marketing initiative. Growth Spark Digital was able to balance the obstacles and find a solution that resulted a truly effective piece of marketing to this day. The success of this campaign along with many of the marketing plans in motion today are thanks to Growth Spark Digital’s consultation and guidance.”

– Andy O’Shea


PPC Advertising

Nothing can grow your business faster than well executed PPC Advertising. Our goal is to get you the most leads and sales at the lowest possible cost to your business. We run Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, and much more for our customers.


Landing Pages

Without good landing pages you won’t be able to capture the leads that are so important to your business. We design and optimize landing pages to ensure that the traffic being brought to your business is converting into leads.


Marketing Funnels

What if you have a consistent and predictable way to generate leads and sales for your business? Well, that is exactly what a marketing funnel can help you do. We’ll work with you to create a marketing funnel for your business that creates a predictable return on investment every single time.


Marketing Automation

Marketing automation allows you to follow up with your leads and prospects on autopilot to nurture them into paying customers and raving fans of your business. This new way to do email marketing is a great way to bring in more revenue for your business in a targeted and efficient manner.

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