Gain Control Of Your Practice Growth – Easily Add New Patients Every Month Predictably, Reliably, and Sustainably With A Positive ROI

Are you the owner of a medical practice looking for a reliable, predictable, and sustainable way to generate new patients every month?

Are you tired of wasting time and money on outdated methods to get new patients? Relying heavily on referrals, and just don’t know where your next patient is coming from? Are you just not seeing the ROI that you want to see?

We specialize in ROI driven lead generation systems that allow you to generate new patients on demand.

There’s no gimmicks or shiny objects, just tried and true systems using our unique, proprietary methodologies that are guaranteed to generate a return on your marketing investment.

If you want to implement a measurable system in your practice, where you know down to the dollar amount how much it costs you to generate new patients, then click the button below to schedule a time to see if you qualify!

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What Our Customers Are Saying About Us

“Over the years I have worked with many companies in an attempt to increase new patient referrals. Sorry to say but most of them turned our to be more promises and less performance. That being said, working with Growth Spark Digital was a different story. During our time together I received more valid new patient leads than I had been able to achieve in the past. Growth Spark Digital is easy to work with and has a great deal of knowledge. Feel comfortable when it comes to putting your trust with them.”

– Cary Ganz DDS


“Growth Spark Digital brings a unique blend of young entrepreneurial spirit, depth of technical knowledge, and a personal presence that is mature, professional and engaging. There are so many players out there hawking websites, SEO, etc. Growth Spark Digital delivers the whole strategic package, and can get you more traffic quickly! Add some Digital Spark to your online presence!”

– Marc Mackin

“Bringing Growth Spark Digital into the fold early was immediately constructive thanks to their ideas and quick execution in planning and developing our marketing initiative. Growth Spark Digital was able to balance the obstacles and find a solution that resulted a truly effective piece of marketing to this day. The success of this campaign along with many of the marketing plans in motion today are thanks to Growth Spark Digital’s consultation and guidance.”

– Andy O’Shea


New Patient Lead Generation

The lifeblood of achieving new patient growth within your practice is generating leads predictably, reliably, and sustainably in a cost effective manner. We specialize in creating systems for practices that generating high quality, converting leads, that turn in to new patients on demand. From simple to complex, our lead generation funnels are designed with ROI in mind so you know exactly what your return on investment is every time. Some of our specialties include dental, chiropractic, stem cell therapy, and other specialized treatments like neurofeedback therapy among many others.



Another core fundamental pillar to achieving growth within your practice is having an effective follow up process. This applies to both before someone becomes a new patient and after someone becomes a new patient. We help practices improve their follow up and internal processes through automated methods to help make converting leads into new patients as easy as possible.


Training and Consultation

A lot of businesses who promise lead generation do just that (if at all), and then walk away and leave their clients hanging. What we’ve learned is that achieving new patient growth isn’t all about generating leads, but about creating a predictable and sustainable system within your practice that gives you the security of knowing exactly where your next patient is coming from. For that reason, we work closely with our clients to diagnose and treat any additional issues through consultation and training programs that we’ve developed. This allows us to help you implement truly predictable patient generation systems that create a measurable return on your investment.

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